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  IED Come in Many Forms 

Some are buried shells on fuses. Some are shaped charges detonated by cell phone. Some are automo-biles packed with C4. Some are dynamite girdles around human bodies. Etc., etc.
There are too many different terror devices. There are too many alternative terror methods. It is impossible to run after them all.
The trick is not to chase after any. The trick is not to defuse the bombs, but the human beings.

They need not hurt anyone. They need not all be found and individually defused.
One wrench snookers all.


Behind all these IEDs is usually a devout Muslim. With the ability to incapacitate him we would automatically defuse the various bombs and IEDs.

The one check which even Muslim fanatics accept is the discipline of their faith. Islam is their passion, their center, their all. It is what energizes and inspires the Faithful, and what alone has the power to intimidate them. It is the one voice they obey.

It can be made to speak terrifying words to jihadists.

If he/she knows that Jews in Israel will benefit handsomely with every life taken in Iraq, then the perpetrator knows that Allah and the entire Muslim world will scorn him and his deed. He will not be able to expect that the gates of Paradise will receive him.

It is entirely possible to make jubilant Israelis the consequence of every jihadist action and send a paralyzing shiver down every shaheed's spine.

An NGO which with loud media attention sends a million dollars to Israel for every Iraqi death, will immobilize the insurgency.


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