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Iraq has become a spectacle of blood and agony. Insurgents and sectarian militias slaughter men, women and children. Those piles of corpse have been defeating the United States. We entered Iraq to be liberators, not conquerors. We came to succor and heal. We hoped to bring a new and brighter day. Instead we brought darkness lit by lightning.

The enemy has discovered that he does not need success in killing American soldiers to defeat the US military. He simply needs to continue killing Iraqi civilians. Americans can't keep their footing on soil made slippery by so much blood. We can't abide policies which with the evening news cause us such anguish.

We have invested billions in ingenious and powerful weapons, yet nothing in our arsenal can stop terrorists who welcome rather than fear death.

Military might cannot be relied on to defeat this foe. To prevail, to defend our interests, we need the capacity to bloodlessly disarm and incapacitate Jihadists, and not just in Iraq, everywhere.

The Answer: Islam/Jews

The Arab world, no less than the US, has passionately held ideals and convictions. Those bind and compel Muslims. That faith is central to the Middle East. There nothing is mightier.

If even just a fraction of the power that faith exercises over the Faithful could be harnessed to America's wagon, the US would have a steamroller capable of crushing the insurgency, and flattening terrorism itself.

Yes, Islam is the path. The insurgents and the sectarian militias can be disciplined by their own Muslim passions.

The Jews are the key. Israel, the blind hate it evokes is not just the problem, it is also the solution.

Consider an NGO operating a $10+ billion Anti-Terror Fund. This fund’s M.O. would be: awards of a million dollars and more per killing. On a day when terrorism kills 48 people in Iraq or elsewhere, a check for $48 million is cut. A toll of 116 deaths produces a check for $116 million.

This money would go to Israel ! The higher the day's slaughter by Muslims the bigger that day's bonanza to the Jews. The nightly news from CNN, Al Jazeera, etc., would show the jubilation in Israel as kibbutzim, West Bank settlements, entire neighborhoods celebrate the day's bloodshed.

The idea would be to appall the terrorists with the only two things they fear, the anger of God and the contempt of their brethren.

The message to suicide bombers, snipers, IED preparers, torturers and sectarian killers would be: you are Israeli collaborators, you are working for the enemy, you are benefiting the Jews.

It would devastate Islamists and insurgents, it would paralyzed them. They know, Paradise is closed to those who serve the enemies of God.

Before long they would realize, the West has more money than Islamists have suicide bombers. Writing checks is easy, the work of mass murder is hard. And it bears bitter fruit.

That is the kernel. We are powerless to stop Jihadists unafraid of dying. We cannot stop them once they have resolved to act. But the consequences of their actions can be controlled and hence their desire to act.
The pestilence can be check-mated.

"Best is to win without fighting." Sun Tzu