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Bartender, a Silver Bullet for Iraq


   IRAQ: The  NaCl  Solution

America has brought two advantages to the battle. She has superior firepower, and she holds the moral high ground. Yet this moral superiority is precisely the strength that denies her a victory.

Iraq is today a spectacle of blood and agony. Daily, insurgents and sectarian militias slaughter men, women and children. The United States stands helpless amidst this horror.

Were she in Iraq as a conqueror, as a colonial power, that dying and suffering would matter little. The victims are mostly Iraqis. America's own dead are relatively few; after four years of war they equal one day's fighting in Normandy. For an imperial power in quest of territory and booty, such losses are a small cost. Internecine massacres might even serve as a useful weakening of the subject population. Were that the situation, Iraqi militants would have no incentive to continue wrecking havoc.

As matters stand, they have. That havoc is winning them the war, those piles of corpses are defeating the US. Because the US entered Iraq as a liberator, not as a conqueror. She came not to colonize but to succor and heal. She was to bring a new and brighter day. She has instead brought darkness stabbed by lightning.  As a conqueror America would have been a success. As a benefactor she is a tragic failure.

The enemy has discovered that he does not have to kill American soldiers to defeat the US army. He needs simply to continue killing the innocent. Because America cannot keep her footing on earth made slippery by so much blood. A band aid (the Surge) has little chance to stem that hemorrhage.

                     The Answer:  The Jews  

Islam, no less than the US, has ideals and convictions. Its devotees are compelled to live up to them. The Faith is central to their lives; and it is central to the Middle East. There, nothing is more powerful. Just a part of that horsepower, harnessed to America's wagon, can roll flat the insurgency, and terrorism itself. The challenge is to confront the murderers and terrorists with their own Muslim passions.

The Jews, as is so often the case, are the key. This time the blind hate directed at Israel, is not the problem but the solution. 

Consider an NGO operating a $10 billion + Anti-Terror Fund.  The Fund's m.o. would be straightforward: Awards of a million dollars and more per killing. On a day when 48 people die violently in Iraq, a check for $48 million is cut. A toll of 116 killings produces a check  for $116 million.

                                This money will go to  Israel !

The idea is not to compensate the victims  but to exasperate the perpetrators. The higher the day's slaughter of Muslims the bigger that day's bonanza to the Jews. The nightly news from CNN, Al Jazeera, etc., would show the jubilation in Israel as kibbutzim, West Bank settlements, entire neighborhoods celebrate the day's bloodshed.

The message to suicide bombers, snipers, IED preparers,  torturers and sectarian killers would be clear: you are benefiting the Jews. You are Israeli collaborators. Paradise will not welcome you if you serve the enemy of God. The West has more money than Islamists have suicide bombers. Writing checks is easy, the work of mass murder is hard and bears bitter fruit.

This is the kernel: We are powerless to stop jihadists set on killing and unafraid of dying. We cannot control their actions. But we can control the consequences of their actions. Those can be made repulsive to Islam and hence to the insurgents and terrorists themselves.

Yes, we can check-mate them.