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          Patent  # 5,782,598

Book Cover

  • It happens in the book store.

  • It takes only minutes.

  • It costs only pennies.

  • It is so easy much of the work can be left to the customer.

  • The result is a paper book-cover identical to the original, except that the back of the cover (or a sleeve) displays the customer's captioned picture.

  • It is done with a photograph taken by the in-store camera, or a photograph the customer brought along ( or both).

  • It is a way the neighborhood bookseller can fight the Amazons - and win.

Children will love this chance to imprint themselves on their possession.

Nor just children. Here is a gift idea for anyone looking to be remembered. The appeal is to young men and women, and to grandparents, and to businesspeople too.

But more. Here is a way to bond with an admired book, to link up with an esteemed writer (or to be cheek to cheek with a celebrity subject). An author speaks out of a book. It is right that it conclude with the image of the listener.

A book is a rendezvous and a memento. When was that first meeting? What were the circumstances? What did the reader look like on that first encounter? If those are new questions it is only because the answers required the advent of: -